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Hi there, 

I'm Skye, the founder of Skye & Sea. Here's a little bit about my brand.


I've always had a great love for plant-based fabrics, be it linen, cotton, hemp...

Effortless, breathable, and lightweight, these are perfect to wear during hot summer days, 

feeling like soft clouds on the skin. I also love how easier they are on our planet, knowing that they require 

little resources and will one day return back to mother nature.


This is why I wanted to have my own brand, to create pieces that are gentle on the skin and on our Earth 

by only using plant-based fabrics. So I founded Skye & Sea :) 

All pieces are designed by myself, often inspired by the small things in life I happen to capture. Fabrics are 

carefully handpicked at the textile market, then made in small batches by local seamstresses. 


See you soon under the sky, by the sea. My happy place.